Monday, July 16, 2007

Docking Library Version 0.2

I posted a new small upgrade of docking library. This version supports multiple DockManager in same window and pane ability to change title. Hope these features can help some to solve problems posted during these days.


lntramper said...
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lntramper said...

I have just downloaded version 0.2 thanks.

But the title updating still doesn't seem to work the way I am using it (for document pane titles).

I made a simple change that seems to work:

In DocumentsPane.xaml.cs, AddItem(ManagedContent content)


item.Header = content;


Binding titleBinding = new Binding("Title");
titleBinding.Source = content;
item.SetBinding(TabItem.HeaderProperty, titleBinding);

Rytis I. said...


is where any particular reason why Closing docked window doesn't acctual closes it? (Window.Closing event is not called)

And how to show floating window?is there somethinkg like window.Show(Dock.Floating)?