Tuesday, April 29, 2008

AvalonDock is here!

AvalonDock version 1.0.1000 (ALPHA) is published on CodePlex!


oneTechnolgy said...


I must appreciate you have created a great docking library. Since I am already into it it would be difficult to move to avalon dock right now, I had one query can you please help me sort it out with docking library.

When we make a docked window a tabbed window, I wanted to add functionality to dock it back to earlier docked stage from tabbed stage (like VS).

I know you have discontinued that project, but can you please provide an indicator to how to dock back from tabbed stage.

This would be a great help

adospace said...

Hi, I very sorry for this tardive response.
You're right: WPFDockingLibray is a discontined project so at the moment I can't help you so much.
My only hint is to move your project to AvalonDock. AvalonDock is much more WPF-friendly and is structured as a real lookless WPF control. Porting to AvalonDock should be easy: just download it from codeplex site and start to use it, I'm sure that in half a day you have your application with the new look!

Let me know!

Kha said...

hi, i don't see sourcecode AvalonDock from codeplex site to download, please send me , thanks a lot, trankhantvn@gmail.com

adospace said...

Source code can be downloaded from
www.codeplex.com\AvalonDock->'Releases' tab

Ali said...


Can you please tell me why you have changed the base class for the tool window from Window to Content Control?

I bought a commercial Docking library and looked at two others and they all have this problem of inheriting ContentControl or HeadredContentControl while when the tool window is undocked/floated they create a real Window and move the content there and lose all hooks of event handlers and can't register controls in their scope etc.

I would like to use your AvalonDock instead but cannot for the same reason and hence I have to go back to using your original CodeProject's WPF Docking Library with its tool window inherits from Window which is EXACTLY what I need, unless you can tell me a good reason for not using it.

what would be the side effects if I changed your AvalonDock to inherit from Window instead of ContentControl?

Thanks in advance.