Thursday, June 7, 2007

WPF Docking Library Screen Shot

WPF Docking library first stable version is about to get posted. It enhances new valuable features like floating windows. With this version a dockable pane can be hosted in a separate window and than it can be docked back to main window. Also contents in pane are now arranged in a restyled tabcontrol which shows an icon in tabitems.
Here you can see a pair of screen shots which show docking in actions:

Library version 0.1 will be posted to CodeProject this weekend.


pmanser said...

Thank-you for spending the time making this framework and making it available to everyone. Ive been looking at the older version and found it very educational. I look forward to this one also.


Dan said...

Excellent work. really looking forward to the next version. When can we expect it to appear?

adospace said...

Thank you Dan. I just posted version 0.1 of WPF Docking Library.

Anders said...

Thanks for a great product!!
Im working on a project that will utilize your library. I havent found your new version online yet so today we will start using your old version thats currently online at coreproject. Posted 17 may.

Will the new version work with code written for the old one?

I have one more question. If i want to connect dockable windows to a certain document in the document pane will your API fix this or do i have to code it myself (I dont want to reinvent the wheel if your code already fix it). The reason for this is that if you change "project" in the document pane i want its associated property windows to change with it...

Thanks in Advance, Anders

adospace said...

Hi, Anders. New version isn't compatible with old client code. This because windows to be dockable must derive from ManagedContent class which in turn derives from Window class. Anyway using library remains very easy.

About your question you can find a DockManager.ActiveDocument property which returns current active document. In next version 0.1.x you'll find an ActiveDocumentChanged event that can be used to get for example a property window connected to current active project.

Hope CodeProject to don't spend so much time to publish my updated article.