Thursday, June 14, 2007

WPF Docking LIbrary v0.1 is finally published

This time CodeProject team spent a lot of time to publish my article update. I suppose it takes so long because there were many articles posted and queued before mine or maybe they had to make a lot of grammatical corrections to my poor english :). Anyway now is time to think about new release. Here you can find a list of fix or improvements coming in next release:

1. FIX. Contents present in dockable pane are not correctly deallocated during unloading process.
2. FIX. Sometimes when you move a dockable pane to a main border it remains where it is.
3. NEW. You can control DocumentsPane tab items header visibility.
4. NEW. Add ActiveDocumentChangedEvent
5. NEW. Controlling panes and floating windows default size.
6. NEW. Give client code chance to select the pane to add contents.
7. NEW. Add constraints to content ('dockability').
8. NEW. Persistance of docking state.
9. NEW. Preview of documents content when mouse is over relative tab item (like in VISTA)
10.NEW. 3D documents switching view (like in VISTA)
11. Suggestions are welcome!


Anders said...

Hi. Nice work on the new versions! :D

I have a couple if questions.

First, i added a MoseEnter event style to the docking buttons so that the docking buttons are fading down when holding the mouse over them and fading back when MouterLeave.
But, the event does not fire when holding the mouse over the buttons?

Second, i want the active window to have a selected color for the PaneHeader (like Visual Studio) But the GotFocus events never fire, how is it possible to get this event with your API?

Thanks for the Help, Anders

adospace said...

Hi Anders, about your first question: are you talking about DockingButton control? if so I put a trigger in the DockingButton style defined n generics.xml under ControlTemplate.Triggers like this:
(Trigger Property="IsMouseOver" Value="True" )
(Setter TargetName="PART_Border" Property="Background" Value="Red")
and it seems to work fine.

About second question, i planned to add in next release the header highlighting of active content. This time I think to post library source code also to my blog!

philip.karde said...

Thanks will check out if i can get the mouse over feature to work, however mouseleave is also needed to get this to work. Maybe you can have opacity support for the docking buttons out of the box for the next release? ;)

Joymon | ജോയ് മോന്‍ | ஜோய் மோன் said...

When can we expect Maximize and Minimize buttons in your Library? :-)

dvlnblk said...

This library is really great but I am trying to turn off the titlebar. I tried to create a custom dependancy property called ShowTitleBar but I cannot figure out where I should put it in the XAML. Every place I tried said that my dependancy property does not exist in this context. Can you please help? Thanks!

dvlnblk said...

adospace, I have used your getContent method and extended it to getContentType to get the specific window that is being built. Once I do that I can use the showHeader Method to turn off a DockableWindow's header. I think this would make a good addition to the Docking Library, it certainly was helpful to me. If you would like this code you can email me at vic at victorswebsite dot com. Thanks, Victor Gaudioso