Monday, September 3, 2007

Holidays are Over!

I'm just coming back from a long holiday period and now I'm ready to restart coding! First of all I wish to thanks how voted my article during last months and I'm very happy that this component is usefull to someone around world. Next I have to announce some big changes that I'm planning for the future of the library.
First the name: someone has correctly noticed that WPF is a MS registered trademark so the name 'WPF Docking Library' will be changed in 'AvalonDock' that is less generic than the first one.
Second I think to host AvalonDock project on CodePlex because that site has a more specific audience focused on MS tecnology.

Obviously I'm interested on comments on these ideas.

'AvalonDock' will completly support WinForms controls, WPF Styles and Commands.
It will start from version 0.3 as it's a successor of 'WPF Docking Library'

In the meaning on SourceForge you can download version 0.2.1 that fix some minor bugs.


tedder said...

noticed that in DockablePane.OnRenderSizeChanged the call to SaveSize is commented out.

When I uncomment this, the sizes dockableContentent windows are persisted prefectly (as you might expect). However, when I have a loating window I am no longer able to dock it :-( is there a fix for this in the latest version?

Rytis I. said...

Could you please provide your email i could ask couple of question about docking lib?

adospace said...

Tedder: Yes, next version is AvalonDock which I hope will correct every 0.2 related bugs.

Praveen said...

Any specific time frame for Version 0.3

GMan said...

Could you please tell me if I can use the DockingLibrary in an XBAP (WPF Browser) application? If so what do I set the Parent Window value too? Brilliant library - keep up the good work!

adospace said...

Hi gman, DockingLibrary can't get work in XBAP applications. DockingLibrary needs to create childs windows that partial-trust environment doesn't allow.


GMan said...

Thanks for your response...
I have a requirement to create and save multiple layouts for my docked windows and then restore them on a button click. If I initially set the windows to dock in the 1st layout and then switch to the second layout (using RestoreFromXml) the tabbed documents are duplicated. Can you help please?
Also when will the next version be available? Thanx