Saturday, June 16, 2007

WPF Docking LIbrary on!

Hi guys, now you can download latest release of WPF Docking Library from SourceForge.Net web site.
This is the link:

Just now I published there version 0.1.1 which correct some annoying bugs discovered in version 0.1. Nothing of new relevant features are added. remains the reference link for features overview.


Anders said...

I have changed lots of code in DockManager.cs and DragPaneServices.cs

The changes only involve making your library working with multiple DockManagers.

Maybe we can merge codes? Or setup a repository so that we dont need to do double work?

adospace said...

Hi,your idea is very nice! maybe sourceforge can be used as repistory but we should setup a cvs system. Anyway if you prefer just mail me at your code and i'll merge it with current version.

Let me know!

Joymon | ജോയ് മോന്‍ | ஜோய் மோன் said...

Just wanted to inform you an exception which I got while playing with your control.

steps:Autohide a control.Then mouse hover on the autohide tab so that the control vl slide out.
Then drag that control by holding on Title bar.the dragging should not take place.(as per VS docking).

If we drag from such a situation and drop somewhere ,an exception vl arise.

Hope you are able to see this..
Regards ,Joy :-)

Anders said...

Hi again. I've added all my windows to the dock manager. But how can i define that one dock window should be dock over the other from code?

adospace said...

To joy: it seems a bug present in preliminary version of docking control. be sure to use current latest release (0.1.1) that you can download from codeproject site or from

To Anders: Can you explain better what you mean?

Anders said...

Hi Again
Please check the above picture
Do you see the Outliner window to the bottom right?

I Want to have this look as default, but all i've managed to get is the Propertes and Outliner window docked to the left but next to each other... Hope its more clear now :D

adospace said...

Ok, i suggest you to wait for next release that i'll post this weekend, because you'll find persistence support. Using that feature you can arrange panes as you prefer and save layout to a persistent storage. At stratup you than have only to restore default layout. In that manner you can control even default pane size.

jabbera said...

I love your library so far! Its not very XAML friendly however. I should be able to declare the content and docking of the windows in XAML with Attached Properties.

jabbera said...

I love your library so far! It's not very XAML friendly however. I should be able to declare my content and docking locations in XAML and use Attached Properties to specify the docking location. Any thoughs on supporting this?

adospace said...

Thank you jabbera! Although some attached properiets will be availible soon in next library releases, I'll suggest you to use docking layout persistence to get complicated docking arrangement. Layout persistence is present in version 0.2 that I'll post these days.